Conductor recovery & cutting

Claxton supplies a field-proven package of tools to recover conductors and casing strings, either to abandon wells or recover the platform slot. These tool packages are complemented by trained offshore personnel and Claxton’s experience project engineering department.

We can simultaneously recover the 30″ conductor and all internal strings, regardless of casing eccentricity or cementing.


Claxton has significant conductor cutting experience – both surface and subsea.

Conductor recovery packages include:

  • RAPIER™ casing bandsaws – or – the Claxton SABRE™ abrasive cutter
  • Double or single drilling and pinning units
  • Lifting adaptors and equipment
  • Trained offshore personel
  • Jacking or torsion-based cut verification
  • Subsea drilling and pinning – to secure fatigued connectors
  • Hydraulic power units (HPU’s)

A package similar to this was used by Claxton to recover a conductor successfully during the first-ever rigless platform well abandonment in the North Sea and our methodology has since been proven on numerous successful slot recovery projects.


Our conductor cutting and recovery services are proven over hundreds of projects.

Bespoke interfaces:

Claxton has the ability to design, build and supply all of the following with a rapid turnaround to suit the client’s schedule

  • Work decks to facilitate recovery without impacting adjacent operations
  • False rotary tables
  • Spreader beams to enhance the recovery operation where the platform structural loading is insufficient to recover the conductor

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