Conductor cement top up systems

The Claxton conductor cement top up system (CTU) provides the capability to place cement in the annulus between the conductor pipe and the open-hole section at the point of installation. Providing a proven and reliable back up to primary cementing as a means of ensuring conductor integrity.

The Claxton CTU injects cement into the annulus between the conductor pipe and the open-hole section at predefined locations as a back up to the primary cement job. Our CTU is regularly used to overcome the issues associated with poor formation conditions.

Conductor cement top up systems are typically required for the following seabed conditions…

  • ‘Soft soil’ conditions
  • Coning effects at the seabed
  • Irregular formations or ‘washouts’

Our cement top-up system consists of a cementing line attached to the conductor which is then run together to the required depth. The line is terminated with a spreader which introduces the cement at the base of the problem area when pumping commences.


Subsea shot of a conductor after the Claxton cement top up process has been undertaken.


An elegant solution for remedial cementing at the point of installation, after the primary cement job has been carried out – being run with the conductor itself, this system needn’t add significant time to the installation process.

A series of pressure sensitive burst discs are fitted within the cement line and are arranged to blow at different pressures –  monitoring the pressure  enables the  operator to calculate the level of the primary cement job versus the seabed. Monitoring of the pumping pressure also provides evidence of successful cementing.

Our conductor cement top up systems can be run  Claxton camera system to provide high quality visual verification of cementing to the mudline or required point of fixity.

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