Additional & replacement conductor guides

Claxton’s detailed understanding of the well conductor environment has enabled us to deliver numerous projects that extend the life of platform and well conductor assets. We’ve worked on numerous structural asset life extension projects in the North Sea, Middle East and around the globe. We’ve worked on additional and replacement conductor guides, as well as supplying hundreds of fully-engineered retrofit centralizers and conductor reparation works.

Our structural asset life extension services include…

  • Cost effectively adding slots within existing platform infrastructure – designing, supplying and installing the required additional conductor guides.
  • Designing and installing whole replacement conductor guide arrays to significantly extend the life of your platform
  • Platform slot recovery and conductor recovery
  • Conductor reparation services
  • Retrofit conductor guide centralizers
An additional conductor guide Claxton designed and installed in the Irish Sea.

An additional conductor guide Claxton designed and installed in the Irish Sea.


Claxton’s in-house design and analysis department can rapidly work up design options to solve these challenges and our project engineering team has¬†experience working with structural installation projects – including minimum facilities platforms, centralizers and drilling templates. Our bases in Norway, Singapore, the UAE and UK mean we can support your aged assets anywhere in the world – and our project engineering teams have deep experience in offshore and subsea installation and project management, meaning you can trust our team to deliver safe, reliable solutions to your operating challenges.

Contact us today to see how Claxton’s offshore experience deliver additional and replacement conductor guides for your offshore assets.

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