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Production & injection wells, infield drilling, repairs & workovers

what is your challenge?

What are the symptoms of poor conductor centralization that could affect life of the well?

It is common for offshore facilities to experience excessive movement at the cellar deck level due to poor centralization at the splash zone. The first step to analyse the issue should be to record any pattern in the movement of the conductors, look for any damage to the centralization at the splash zone level and the state of the adjuster shoes. If required, Claxton can follow-up with a survey to find the root cause of the issue and offer retrofit centralizers.

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I need to maintain, refurbish and recertify my offshore assets?

Claxton can provide this service from our Great Yarmouth and Dubai facilities. Storage of refurbished and recertified items can also be provided and be tailor-made to suit each individual client. This could be simply taking over the maintenance and recertification of a riser spool or crossover adapter, to looking after wellheads and trees, adapters, overshots, risers, connectors and handling equipment.

Our purpose-built pressure test facility and break-out machines make Claxton the one-stop shop for our clients. Our in-depth knowledge of the equipment supported by our quality department makes Claxton an easy choice for peace of mind.

I need to remove a Xmas tree from a live well so that we can install a replacement, do you have the necessary tools, equipment and manpower to support us?

Claxton has a full suite of equipment including polished rod lubricators, BPVs and an extensive selection of crossovers. We also have numerous personnel within our operations team who are competent to perform such work. Claxton can review specifications to clients’ bespoke requirements to put together a list of equipment, job-specific procedures and provide a quotation.

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I have a valve stuck closed which means my well is shut in, how can Claxton help?

Claxton can provide a hot tapping machine with a three-metre stroke up to 10,000 psi to mill through the gates of stuck valves. In the first instance, we require details of the wellhead and tree configuration, the type and size of the valve to be drilled, together with the gate composition to match the mill to the gate material.

This service can be provided on a fast call-out basis from our locations around the globe. Claxton can take care of this complete scope of work.

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