Tieback engineering: reducing time to first oil

The use of pre-drilling with template and tiebacks is an optimum choice for fields where additional reservoir data is needed, drilling to production times need to be reduced, scheduling risk mitigated and project economics enhanced.

The methodology can be extremely cost effective when executed by experienced and skilled engineers. Drilling wells whilst jacket and topside structures are under construction reaps significant time and cost rewards. Once wells are tied back and completed platform production can be achieved shortly after facilities completion.

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Claxton service technicians in action

The services of a specialist provider adds significant value by identifying risks and uncertainties and optimizes processes based on other operators’ experiences. Individual operators may carry out a template and tieback program every five years or so. In a similar period, a specialist provider experiences involvement in many times that work scope.

Adequate planning is the key to successful tieback of wells and takes care of the interface between drilling, structural and mechanical engineering and the myriad of variations that can occur.

Pre-drilling tieback of wells can be cost effectively executed, while at the same time removing drilling activity from the project critical path. Thus mitigating interface scheduling and delayed first production risks. The key to this success is the careful evolution of historical experience, the appropriate selection of proven technological methodologies and the optimization of the process through planning by personnel with the necessary competencies.

Claxton, through in-house experience from UWG, has performed over 600 successful tiebacks worldwide and has achieved the leading status in this field of operations.

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