Claxton’s subsea experience delivers bespoke hot tapping tool

Our subsea engineering experience, combined with a long history of hot tapping, allowed us to reapidly create a bespoke subsea hot tapping solution. Fast.

The Problem

In 2007, Claxton worked with a major operator in Norway to provide a custom, application-specific, subsea hot-tapping machine. The operator needed to insert a hot tap tee to connect a new pipeline link, which was a critical-path operation.

The Solution

Claxton designed, built and tested a machine to work in 200 m of water with a hot-tap diameter of 10 in. The operation was to be performed on a 20-in. gas pipeline. The system was built and tested to an operating pressure of 5000 psi. To work at the required depth, the system was fully marinised. An offshore test confirmed that the machine worked as planned at the required depth. Claxton also performed a full in-house finite element analysis on the system, which included the supply of a hydraulic power unit and associated equipment to run the machine offshore.

bespoke hot tapping banner
ROV footage screenshots from the works.

The Result

The system performed as expected. Claxton has since undertaken numerous hot taps for clients in the North Sea and the Middle and Far East for on- and offshore applications.

Hot tapping from Claxton
Claxton has been providing hot tapping services to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries around the globe for over 20 years.

Having decades of hot tapping experience means the company been able to build a fleet of high-quality, safe tools, including the first system to operate at 15,000 psi.

An in-house design team means that Claxton can also quickly produce tooling for bespoke applications.

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