Riser tension ring innovation saves rig time

Claxton pioneered the positive grip tension ring

The Problem

Due to space and lifting constraints, it can be time consuming to get a traditional tension ring onto the Texas deck for installation onto an in-situ riser. Claxton realised that if we could design around these issues and maintain performance, clients would save a significant amount of time.

The Solution

The Claxton Slimline tension ring can be taken from a half height container directly onto the drill floor, attached to the riser and the riser and tension ring can be run through the rotary table, saving rig time.

The Result

Claxton has already saved significant amounts of time for clients using this design – it joins the Positive Grip model in being an innovation derived from the experience of Claxton engineers.

Our tension rings are much-copied by our competition, however it’s worth noting that the mix of talent and industry experience that created these designs can only be found within Claxton.

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