Rigless tubing recovery saves £1.5m ($2.5m) for North Sea client

When Apache needed to recover 5,000 m of tubing from five wells they chose Claxton to provide service technicians and a bespoke recovery system – so we engineered a methodology that saved the client rig time totalling significantly more than the cost of the project. Drawing from our experience in conductor recovery and well abandonment, Claxton created a cutting and recovery package which negated the need for a rig of lift-vessel.

Claxton’s rigless tubing recovery solution.

Claxton in-house design team created a recovery system to interface with the client’s platform and enable tubing to be pulled in lengths of 10–12 m. This recovery interface was complemented by equipment drawn from Claxton’s cutting fleet which includes both bandsaw and abrasive jet cutting technology. To enable the project a methodology used was devised from Claxton’s experience in rigless conductor recovery operations and platform slot recoveries.

Additionally we supplied a crew of 12 service technicians who worked on a 24-hour basis to recover 3.½- and 4.½-in. tubing from the five wells on the platform.

Claxton rigless tubing recovery

Left: Claxton’s offshore crew recovering the tubing. Right: Part of Claxton’s bandsaw fleet cutting a conductor on another project.

The result? Significant cost and time savings.

A 1,000m length of tubing, with an average string weight of 27,000kg, was recovered from each well. The recoveries were carried out in good time – about three days per well, with our crews working shifts.

As a result Apache saw clear cost- and time-saving benefits from the rigless solution and subsequently instructed Claxton to evaluate similar methods for other platforms.

The cost savings were estimated by the client at £300,000 per well – therefore totalling £1.5m (or $2.5m) over the course of the five-well operation.

Claxton – your point of call for offshore cutting and recovery

Casing and conductor bandsaw

Bandsaws – such as this one pictured during a conductor cutting operation, are just one example of Claxton’s cutting and recovery equipment.

Claxton holds a large inventory of bandsaws, hydraulic power units, lifting interfaces and double drilling units to enable fast – and safe – conductor and tubing recovery. Additionally, we can rapidly produce cost-effective bespoke work platforms and false rotaries. Our tooling has been used reliably, successfully and safely on over 270 projects.

  • Casing and tubing bandsaws
  • Conductor recovery
  • Rigless well abandonment
  • Subsea or surface drilling and pinning
  • Cold cutting
  • Slot recovery
  • Subsea abrasive cutting
  • Bespoke recovery interfaces, false rotary tables and load spreader beams

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