MULTICAM subsea camera ensures installation success

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MULTICAM™ provides high quality visual performance in a compact, low cost camera system.

In this case study a North Sea operator used MULTICAM™ to verify an installation in conditions that would defeat an ROV…

The Problem

An operator was engaged in the completion and installation of a subsea tree and an overtrawlable structure on a development well for Rose field in the Southern North Sea. The completion and tree were to be deployed from the Galaxy I jackup rig. Several steps of the operation were planned to be monitored by using an ROV in order to show successful execution.

However, there were challenges. High currents and periodically low subsea visibility (sometimes less than 1 m) limited the ability of the ROV and risked operational delays in the completion programme. In addition, the tight confines of the pre-installed overtrawlable structure made ROV observation of indicators on the subsea tree assembly unfeasible.

The Solution

Claxton’s MULTICAM™ system provides high visual performance in a compact, low-cost camera system. Unidirectional cameras were mounted on the overtrawlable structure to provide positive confirmation of the alignment and landing of the unit on the wellhead via a retrievable umbilical run with the landing string.

A simple unidirectional camera mounted on the subsea tree structure to provide positive confirmation of the lock-down mechanism via a retrievable umbilical.

The Result

All the camera assemblies functioned successfully and provided the expected data. Both the overtrawlable structure and subsea tree assembly were installed successfully without delays, despite the poor subsea visibility.

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