MULTICAM essential to seven well installation

Cost effective visual verification ensures speedy subsea tree installation on Callanish and Brodger field development.

A Claxton client had seven subsea trees to install as part of the Callanish and Brodgar field development programme.
High currents, coupled with low subsea visibility, sometimes less than 1m, restricted the ability of a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to oversee the operations, which created the potential for delays in the completion programme.

In addition, the operating parameters meant that the viewing angles on a traditional ROV camera were not useful.

Claxton was contracted to supply the MULTICAM™ camera system to aid the installation of the Xmas trees and obtain the required viewing angles. Each subsea tree was fitted with three camera–light assemblies via a Claxton-designed mounting bracket system.
The simple, fully extendable and multi-plane-adjustable mounting bracket clamped to the existing structure enabled Claxton to attach unidirectional cameras to confirm actuation.

A weak-link system enabled the umbilical to be retrieved and the camera–light assemblies to stay in place on the tree.

A side view of the bespoke MULTICAM mounting bracket

A side view of the bespoke MULTICAM™ mounting bracket

The Claxton camera assemblies were installed and functioned reliably throughout the project and proved instrumental in the on-schedule completion of the project.

MULTICAM™ is just one of a range of field-proven, high-performance cameras designed and built by Claxton, including downhole, inspection, low-light and slim-bore options.

Claxton camera range is rugged, field proven and offers powerful visual performance for subsea installation and inspection. Simple to operate and install, our cameras will give you the visual information you need to be confident about what’s going on subsea – and can often be used where an ROV would struggle to reach – or to ensure your ROV’s stay on the critical path.

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