MULTICAM aides successful well installation

multicam banner
MULTICAM™ is a low cost camera system for fixing onto subsea structures to provide a vital visual aid during critical subsea installation operations.

The Problem

High currents, coupled with low subsea visibility – at times less than three feet – restricted ROV capability creating the potential for delays in the completion program. Operating parameters also meant viewing angles on a traditional ROV camera were not useful so a seperate camera system needed to be deployed.

The Solution

A simple, fully extendable and multi-plane adjustable mounting bracket that clamped to the existing structure enabled Claxton to attach unidirectional cameras to confirm actuation. A weak-link system enabled the umbilical to be retrieved and the camera/light assemblies to stay in place on the tree.

The Result

The Claxton camera assemblies were installed and functioned reliably throughout the project, proving instrumental to the on-schedule completion of the project.

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