Innovative tension rings from Claxton

Claxton pioneered the positive grip tension ring

Slip Activated Tension Rings

The highly innovative Claxton slip activated tension ring provides added value by eliminating space-out issues and allowing the ring to be positioned on the riser at any point. This avoids lost rig time from welding operations – as required with conventional welded load rings.

The slip activated tension ring applies the load evenly, allowing large pre-loads to be applied to the riser. This is superior to the welded pad eye/ring method, which can suffer from individual pad eye failure – such as tear-out through insufficient weld area, unknown material properties or general fatigue.

The installation and release processes are both rapid and simple and the tension ring is completely reusable – and thus transferable from well to well.

As with the standard tension ring design, the slip activated tension ring can also have its inside diameter reduced to suit varying riser outside diameter applications by fitting the ring with slip inserts or a reduction bowl if required.

Positive Grip Tension Ring

Similar to the slip activated tension ring, the Slimline version eliminates space out issues as the ring can be positioned at any point, and the ring is completely reusable and transferable from well to well.

This design, however provides an even simpler installation process due to its use of just four anchor bolts. These apply a pre-determined radial load to the slip segments which, in turn, apply a positive anchor on the riser or conductor.

The slip segments are free floating within the tension ring body housing, which permits load generation in the event of pipe slippage.

This innovative design can be used for subsea applications, and a slimline design has also been developed. Tension rings are typically installed at the Texas deck, however where access is restricted or where the space-out installation point is below the Texas deck, the special slimline design can be used.

The slimline positive grip tension ring has a maximum outside diameter of 36¼” allowing it to be run through a conventional rig’s rotary table as part of the riser or conductor, providing maximum space-out flexibility.

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