Bespoke hydraulic work platform enables conductor installation

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The work platform being installed to the land storage cavern well with the annular B.O.P. in place.

The Problem

During a workover, a land-well client encountered cement higher than expected in the casing strings. The only solution was to drill out the cement and rerun the 10¾- and 7-in. casings. Budget constraints meant a rig was out of the question for the job, so Claxton was asked to designed a system to pull and run the casing riglessly.

The Solution

Claxton designed and manufactured a full hydraulic work platform that enabled the client to drill and clean out the cement plugs using a downhole motor with the hydraulics of the Claxton-designed platform acting as a drawworks in place of a rig. During the work, 10¾- and 7-in. casings were pulled, rerun and landed in the surface wellhead using a combination of the work deck and a 100-t telescopic crane.

The Result

The client was able to rerun the casing and return the well to good order at a fraction of the cost of employing a land drilling rig for the job.

Bespoke experience

Claxton’s experience in the design of bespoke interfaces also extends to tubing recovery interfaces, spreader beams, false rotary tables and complete casing recovery and abandonment packages to interface with existing infrastructure.

We completed the first-ever rigless abandonment in the North Sea using a completely bespoke system designed and built in-house to save the client hundreds of thousands of pounds when compared with completing the same task using a drilling rig.

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