Extending offshore asset life

As assets age many operators are looking to extend their lifecycles by recovering slots, and drilling new wells. Claxton have developed a range of equipment and services to meet these challenges and address the rigless slot recovery, well abandonment and decommissioning market. As industry leaders, Claxton project teams have addressed the particular requirements of clients by blending field proven equipment with innovative engineered responses providing packages encompassing internal or external subsea and subsurface cutting; multiple casing string recovery of cemented annuli; detection of radiation in recovered tubulars; cleaning and making safe of recovered strings; rigless string recovery lifting and support frames.

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One recent job saw Claxton provide a package including downhole perforating and cementing; tree removal; tubing severance and recovery; multiple casing string severance and recovery from below the mudline all carried out in a rigless environment. Providing a single source solution to clients’ problems via its sister companies gives Claxton an opportunity to bring together specific expertise, services and equipment, tailored to the clients needs; project and activity managed from concept to completion.

Claxton’s primary goal is always to conduct a safe operation and it has a robust SMS (Safety Management System) for its well abandonment and decommissioning operations and Claxton have successfully completed the abandonment of over 100 wells world-wide without a lost time incident.

This attention to safety is reflected in the Claxton jacking system to verify downhole severance. With a 1,000 tonne capability the system incorporates a patented shock dampening system designed to absorb kinetic shock loads which may result through either sudden cut verification, tool string failure or wellhead connection failure where there is a welded connection to the casing. Another example of the safety ethos is Claxton’s specialist boring and pinning machines which are used to secure casing strings ready for recovery. The strings can either be secured together for multiple string recovery or the strings can be recovered individually. Certified casing load pins/ grip pin mandrels are installed to allow multiple casing strings to be recovered in single trip. The use of expandable grip pin mandrels provides equal spacing and support for uncemented casings to prevent inner string movement during bandsaw cutting.

Claxton differs from others in that we offer a unique mix of drilling, production and equipment knowledge and industry experience to provide not just an answer to a specific question, but a practical solution to include all components that can be used effectively offshore or onshore.

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