CoSMOS minimum facilities platforms

Since 2005 Claxton, with sister companies from Acteon, have been involved in the conception, design, fabrication and installation of CoSMOS™ platforms. CoSMOS™ provides minimum facilities wellhead platforms that are supported on well conductors. The innovative design is ideal for marginal field developments, satellite developments, early production infield drilling and additions to existing platform infrastructure.

The CoSMOS™ concept utilises the structural strength of the well conductors to support the platform topsides and process equipment. The system typically uses three or four well conductors as structural supports and can be configured with nine or more conductors with single or splitter wells to suit any specific application. CoSMOS™ is ideally suited to shallow water applications in up to 100m of water and may be bridge linked to an existing platform, tied back to an onshore processing facility or tied into an FPSO or existing field infrastructure.

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CoSMOS™ platforms have been successfully installed in many locations throughout the world.

Morsa West
This was the first CoSMOS™ platform – installed by jack-up drilling rig and tied back to a MOPU. The platform is ABS certified to class A1 Offshore Hydrocarbon Producing Station.

Client: Sonangol
Location: Angola
Water depth: 17m
Wells: 5
Weights topside: 55te

Olowi Development
A tall subsea template that was installed on a central conductor by a jack-up drilling rig. The four support conductors were pre-drilled and cemented. The topside was then installed by a crane barge.

Client: CNR
Location: Gabon
Water depth: 38m
Wells: 9 with gas lift and future water injection capability
Weights: topside structure 315te, subsea structure 168te.

Installed by a jack-up rig. Claxton’s involvement included full EPCI execution of the subsea template and topside.

Client: Afren
Location: Nigeria
Water depth: 12m
Wells: 9 with gas lift and future water injection capability
Weights: topside 150te (included 25te manifold), subsea template 25te

Songkla Development
This platform offers something truly unique – it provides twin bridge-linked platforms; one with 16 wells and the second providing process facilities. There was also a 1000te tender assist drilling unit placed on the well structure.

Client: NuCoastal
Location: Thailand
Water depth: 24m
Wells: 16
Weight: 2500te total (including topsides, subsea structures and piles)

ISND Development
Installed by jack-up rig, this single deck wellhead platform was for a range of water depths. There were multiple installations for expansion of the existing field infrastructure, with integrated manifolds to export direct to adjacent process platform.

Client: Oxy Qatar
Location: Arabian Gulf
Water depth: 24-36m
Wells: 5 single wells with expansion capacity for splitter wells or 4 additional freestanding conductors
Weights: topsides up to 228te, templates up to 100te

Dissoni Nord
This platform was designed for installation from either a barge or a jack-up rig. A triple deck platform, it incorporates a full range of process, instrumentation and facilities.

Client: Perenco
Location: Cameroon
Water depth: 7m
Wells: 9 well with gas lift and water injection capability
Weights: topside 230te

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