Claxton wellheads beat challenging delivery schedule

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Claxton was recently contracted to supply five complete wellhead systems for a major gas storage project in the United Kingdom – a project that started out as a typical wellhead design and supply job… until faster than expected progress meant the client was forced to bring the delivery schedule forward by nearly a month.

The project called for five Claxton full bore drill-thru wellhead systems with mandrel casing / tubing hangers and composite-block Xmas trees. In addition the systems were built to withstand the potentially corrosive fluids they were expected to encounter during their field life.

Claxton was initially asked to work to an eight week delivery schedule – a short lead time that would already challenge many of the major wellhead suppliers.

However, we were able to really step up to the plate when the client requested an even shorter schedule – resulting in the first equipment being supplied by Claxton just four weeks from the initial order.

Claxton also supplied installation and testing services for the wellheads – and has subsequently worked with the same operator on a number of wellhead supply jobs.

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