CAMSCAN subsea camera resumes stalled tieback operation

The CAMSCAN™ subsea camera system provides downhole visual performance to rapidly enable the verification of issues and keep projects  on-schedule. In this recent project, the camera was used to identify junk and get a tieback on track. Speed was of the essence as a tieback operation for ATP Oil  &Gas  on Kilmar field (wells 43/22-1 and 43/22-2) in the Southern North Sea had been halted because dropped objects were suspected downhole.

How the CAMSCAN™ subsea camera system helped

Claxton was asked to assist with visual well inspections by providing a downhole camera. We quickly mobilised a CAMSCAN™ system with internal LED lights to provide strong illumination and maximum visibility – the pan and tilt feature of the camera was ideal for this project as it enabled a 360 degree view. This visual range would enable the operator to check the tieback threads as well as verifying any downhole junk.

Arriving on-site quickly, the CAMSCAN™ system was deployed downhole and located the position and orientation of junk for subsequent fishing operations.

Inspection footage from CAMSCAN subsea camera

Inspection footage from CAMSCAN™ subsea camera

The subsea camera system provided by Claxton delivered vital visual feedback and clear images of the location and nature of the objects – enabling the resulting fishing operation to proceed smoothly. The camera was also instrumental in inspecting the tieback threads and checking for further debris.

After the deployment of CAMSCAN™ subsea camera system, the tieback was completed successfully and without undue difficulty.

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