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Late life extension

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What are the steps I should take if I want to re-use an existing well slot or replace a well currently not producing to a financially viable level?

Consideration should be given to slot recovery, either above or below the seabed. Claxton provides a range of cutting and retrieval packages suitable for use with or without a rig. Detailed discussions are required to clarify the well parameters and to determine the type of slot recovery. Claxton will provide a full service from planning to execution, through to providing a whipstock or a conductor deflector tool for the new well.

Challenge - Late life

How can I increase the number of wells/slots of my existing platform?

Claxton has the experience to add additional slot guides within the wellhead bay if space allows. Alternatively, we can provide a guide for a new well to interface with an existing platform located outside the initial array of wells. The levels where a guide will be required needs to be determined for these additional slots and will be shown by running riser analysis. We can supply multiple wells on the outside of the platform to fit in with clients' requirements whilst ensuring there is no damage to the platform or existing wells.

How should I make sure the centralizers are still protecting the life of my conductor?

Our project team can observe any changes to see if there has been damage to the conductors or the guides. During the design phase, the centralization would have been based on certain parameters, so any time there is a change to this, there will be an effect on the performance of the equipment. Claxton can conduct a survey of all client owned centralizers to ensure they are still functioning as designed and recommend any remedial actions.

ALE challenge 2

How can I extend the design life of my subsea exploration well for production?

Once a client has drilled an exploration well and wants to bring it to production, a concept evaluation needs to be carried out to ensure the fatigue life of the well satisfies all expectancy requirements over its planned life. If it falls short, then Claxton can determine how to increase the overall fatigue life of the well. This typically involves transferring the loads into a supported subsea structure. It is important to have a survey produced post-installation of the latest condition, to ensure that the design can interface with the current equipment to extend the life of the well.

I need to be assured that extending the life of my well assets will be the most cost-effective solution?

The cost-effectiveness of extending asset life is largely down to field economics, however, Claxton can deliver various solutions to extend the life of the platform and offer the most economical choice for the client.

This can vary from replacing whole corroded conductor guide decks on a platform to replacing single guides or fitting retrofit centralizers within an old existing guide. Claxton can repair corroded conductors with a clamp and sleeve repair solution and has also designed bespoke clamps to put structural integrity back into a well.

Do you have a system for rehabilitating corroded conductors?

The Claxton clamp and sleeve system has been designed to reinforce the existing conductor and get it back to its original load-bearing capacity. The current field proven design is installed by a combination of divers, scaffolding or rope access personnel. However, due to the environment in which they are used, each repair must be analysed and designed on an individual well basis. All design and analysis operations are undertaken in-house by our own engineers who will require site-specific information, such as Metocean data, to come up with the ideal design solution.

Well conductor repair and integrity services main 1

My conductors are moving around in the guides and there is a concern that this is going to cause a failure

To date, we have designed and installed over 6,000 centralizers globally. Conductors moving around within a guide is quite a common problem and our retrofit designs can replace lost or missing guide centralizers. We need to capture all the relevant data, which if not available would involve an offshore survey. Our design team can engineer a solution that will stop the conductor movement for the long-term, ensuring the asset is suitably guarded against failure.

Asset life extension buyers guide Asset life extension buyers guide
E-book download
Asset Life Extension Buyers Guide

Download our structural asset life extension buyers guide for details on slot recovery techniques, centralizers and replacement platform guides.

Asset life extension case study pack Asset life extension case study pack
E-book download
Asset Life Extension Case Study Pack

Download the Claxton structural asset life extension case study pack for details on slot recovery techniques, centralizers, replacement platform guides and other bespoke solutions.