Making Risers Happen


Our complete riser system supply capability means just that – complete. From subsea connectors, to riser joints, connector make-up tooling, lifting and handling equipment and riser tensioning – if you need it to run a jack up riser, we’ve got it. And if your project requires a custom system, we can design it in-house and supply it too… fast.

Shown to the right: A complete riser system we ran in the last 12 months.


We supply full bore drilling risers up to 12,200psi – and have tackled some of the deepest waters ever drilled from a jack up rig. The picture to the left is a riser we supplied to drill in 132m meters of water, offshore Norway.

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We’ve been supplying risers since 1985 and we bring the total of this experience to the fore on our riser range for each and every project. Our experience created the first-ever positive grip tension ring, a product that led where others now follow.

Ask your riser supplier when they ran their first riser system and compare it to our experience list – available from

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