Making Wellhead Services Happen


In 1985 Claxton was founded to provide wellhead services. Today, over two and a half decades of knowledge go into each and every wellhead job.

This focus manifests itself in short lead times, innate knowledge of the issues wellhead operators face and the ability to rapidly supply bespoke solutions to your challenges.

Whether supplying, maintaining or replacing wellheads, Claxton delivers.


So do we. Claxton created our Dubai office with a singular purpose – to ensure our clients in the UAE region benefited from our ‘family business ethos’ – great service, local expertise and a real commitment to solve problems together. All of the images on this page are from wellhead replacements in the Middle East.

Our dedicated in-house design team supports this, working design new wellhead equipment with a pace that the majors just can’t compete with.


Being independent from major wellhead manufacturers means we’ve worked across a huge number of equipment interfaces. This experience means we supply bespoke and retrofit parts – with local API-registered manufacturing – to replace or extend the life of existing wellhead inventory.

When this equipment is ready, our fully trained crews – including local personnel – are on hand to get the job done. Contact us to discover what this capability can do for your assets.

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