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what is your challenge?

What design considerations should I have at the early stage of a project?

Ease of asset retrieval should be considered during the design phase of any project as this will help reduce decommissioning costs or expedite asset life extension operations. Claxton’s centralizer products, for example, allow for easy, cost-effective maintenance work to be carried out owing to their design and the way they are installed. The use of alternative materials (for instance, polyurethane as the main component), may cause issues, due to the inaccessibility of the centralizer and difficulties in replacement, further complicating the decommissioning phase.    

Challenge - Drilling

What pre-drilling options do operators have that affect a project’s financials and risk profiles?

Claxton can provide pre-drilling opportunities through a template which can be installed either on the seabed or on piles when well tieback methodology can be implemented. This saves both time and money facilitating earlier pre-drilling, preventing delay of the first oil date.

Claxton also provides pre-drilling opportunities through a jacket. Using this method negates the wait until the topside is ready. Risks are also reduced by the reconnection being performed at surface level.

My riser analysis shows that the well needs to be tensioned, what systems and experience does Claxton have?

Claxton pioneered the first positive grip tension ring in 2008 and can provide push/pull type tensioning systems from 200-400 tonnes vertical up to 80 tonnes lateral load, along with bespoke solutions for a variety of well/BOP configurations. Slimline rings are available to run through the rotary table to ease installation.

Claxton has supplied platform or Texas deck supported systems to apply tension to conductor pipe while the cement sets. Systems come complete with twin hydraulic pumps, manifold and gauges that allow redundancy and 24-hour monitoring of the upward tension being applied through the ring to the conductor.

Riser challenge

I am going to need a riser system for my new subsea exploration well, this must include a tensioning system and subsea wellhead interface equipment, can you supply?

Yes, of course, but we will need to define and agree the precise technical scope of supply to ensure total accuracy of our proposal aligned to a customer’s riser analysis.

A questionnaire will be sent to the client for completion, together with advice for the riser analysis (if not already undertaken). Should the client require our expertise at the outset, our experts can assist. Our riser and tensioning product leaders will make recommendations on the preferred scope of supply from our stock inventory, ensuring all the equipment will be available to meet the clients' spud date.

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