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Design & R&D

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How does Claxton ensure their equipment is the best it can be?

We have a dedicated R&D department; whose primary directive is to expand and develop on our existing range of market leading products. To achieve this, extensive market research, combined with stakeholder canvassing and lessons learned from previous deployments all come together to give us a clear development path to keep us at the top of our game.

Claxton have brought several innovative products to market over the past decade including the Gecko Grip tension ring, Subsea Well Abandonment Tool (SWAT™), our Subsea Abrasive Cutting System (SABRE™) and WellRaizer® rigless recovery system.

We also hold several other brand names registered as trademarks of Claxton:  CAMSCAN™, CAMSCAN MULTICAM™, CoSMOS™, RAPIER™, SLIK FIT™, TTconnector™.

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Can the Claxton equipment packages be modified and adapted to specific project requirements?

Yes - our diverse and responsive set-up means we are completely flexible and can seamlessly integrate packages to consolidate a solution aligned to the task. So, challenge us!

I can’t find the equipment needed for my project because requirements are very specific. Can Claxton supply project specific equipment?

Claxton has a talented in-house design team with many years of combined experience and active cross-pollination of ideas and strategy. The team use the latest design and analysis software and work closely with our clients and manufacturing partners to ensure designs meet clients’ needs, whilst working to specific industry standards.

Our design team can reference from a library with thousands of detail drawings, built up over decades of experience, to help resource and drive a competent solution. We often design systems and tooling for specific project requirements, especially when clients are experiencing issues interfacing with ageing equipment or have structural integrity challenges on decommissioning projects.

Claxton are proud to be part of the Acteon group of companies; a cluster committed to working together for the benefit of its clients. With best-in-class expertise, if a requirement is outside our area of understanding, we can draw on the respective expertise of our sister companies from across the globe to extend our capability.

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Does your equipment meet industry safety codes and standards?

Good design and manufacturing processes are essential to ensure we meet technical and legal requirements. By definition, good design will also lead to safe outcomes, and this is rightly something we pride ourselves on. Whilst meeting our legal obligations is the minimum required, we strive to go further and take best practice on board throughout the design process and beyond.

Where required, our design work can be sent to third-party accreditors and verification organisations to seek approval against applicable standards.

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