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Platform slot recovery on the Beryl B platform, North Sea

Claxton RAPIER™ casing bandsaws and drilling and pinning equipment in action.

Drilling and pinning services were supplied to bore 4-in.-inside-diameter holes to anchor the 20-in. tieback riser to the new 13. 3/8-in. casing string. In addition, a hydraulically activated centralizing clamp was used to restrict and minimise pipe movement during the rig floor recovery, the severance of the dual riser string and the removal of the 20-in. riser-bolted centralizers. The centralizer clamp was set to drift the 20-in. LS Vetco connector 24-in. inside diameter and react onto 20-in.-outside-diameter pipe.

At rig floor level, the riser recovery was undertaken using Claxton drilling and pinning machines to bore through the 20- and 13. 3/8-in. casing strings.

Expandable-grip pin mandrels and load pins were used to secure the strings, and Claxton RAPIER™ bandsaws dressed with 20-in. pipe clamp insets were used to sever the 20- and 13. 3/8-in risers directly above the RS connector to allow for the conventional layout of the tieback strings.

The Result

The slot was recovered as per the client’s brief and the 20-in. riser connectors did not fail during recovery. Claxton has subsequently used similar equipment packages on several other conductor and slot recovery projects with great success.

Extensive options for structural asset life extension

Project engineer, Bob Leggett takes satisfaction from having been part of an imaginative project to prolong the life of an installation that was past its production peak. He says, “Claxton has previously undertaken projects to regain entry to reservoirs via existing well slots, so-called slot recoveries. By adding an entirely new additional conductor guide  and associated platform slot, you minimise the effect on production from the existing wells; though, as here, you have more structural issues to deal with. Each approach has its advantages. What is important is that the range of options available to operators seeking to extend the life of existing structures has been extended.”

Additional conductor guides are just one option in a range Claxton can provide to cost effectively extend the life of your assets – contact us today to see how we can help.


Contact us and we will put you in touch with the person best placed in our team to answer based on your unique enquiry. Our engineers are specialists in their own fields and ready to take on any challenge!

Asset life extension buyers guide Asset life extension buyers guide
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Asset Life Extension Buyers Guide

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Asset Life Extension Case Study Pack

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