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Meeting conductor integrity challenges in the Middle East

A Claxton tension ring securing a conductor during a recent conductor recovery operation

Failed conductor leads to fast-track response

In the Middle East, Claxton has recently helped a leading offshore operator address some issues of asset integrity that arose as a result of corrosion, as Marriott explains.

“The slot recovery operation we recently conducted in the Gulf was prompted by corroded conductors and inner casings. This problem is common in established oil and gas fields where there have been cases of crossflow between the annuli and conductor failure, and in this case the conductor was badly corroded so the operator carried out an inspection program. Operators are diligent in their awareness of issues affecting conductors that are operating outside of their original design life, however there are occasions where corrosion can be worse than initially suspected.”

This, as explained by Marriott, was exactly case, “In this instance the operator had been working to quantify the scale of the problem and find a sound technical solution. However, during a periodic inspection trip it emerged that one of the conductors had failed and this represented a threat to the integrity of the well.”

Rapid Resolution

The operator required a fast-track response to deal with the issue and identified several other conductors that also required urgent attention. Claxton mobilised personnel and equipment in less than a month and started on a scope of work that would cover damaged conductors on three different wells, using diamond wire to cut above the seabed and then remove the damaged conductors.

Ongoing support

The project was a success and prompted the operator to award Acteon sister company 2H Offshore a contract for analysis of the company’s entire conductor assets with a view to developing a classification system for condition monitoring. Under this traffic light system, well components rated ‘green’ are expected to continue operating without issue for several years, those rated ‘amber’ require regular monitoring to assess the risks of identified issues and those rated ‘red’ require immediate remediation. According to Marriott, this is part of a larger drive within the industry to address the issue of aging assets. “Around the world, leading companies are focusing their efforts on assessing and tracking the condition of offshore equipment in order to better manage its life cycle.”

Multiple conductor integrity options

Claxton has provided numerous solutions to operators managing aged conductor assets – including conductor repair, replacement and additional conductor guides, retrofit centralizers and slot recovery. In addition, Claxton’s cutting and recovery tooling has been used on over 260 successful projects.

Nick Marriott closes with something of a rallying cry to operators in the Gulf:

“The one thing I’d say to operators in the region is that there are a lot of ways we can help them assure ongoing conductor integrity cost-effectively. Very often we talk to operators who aren’t sure of how to approach the challenges posed by aged infrastructure – challenges that are often both complex and numerous.”

We have the proven experience, personnel and equipment to take a lot of the pain of dealing with conductor integrity operations away.


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