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Claxton NT-2 drilling riser handling tool saves time and improves safety

Saving rig time and improving riser handling safety…

The new tool also handles riser tension joints already fitted with a Claxton slimline tension ring, which saves rig time and reduces personnel exposure on the Texas deck. It also avoids the need for scaffolding, which is often required for operator access when using a manual tool to handle the riser tension joint with its BOP connector. This not only saves time but also makes the handling operation less hazardous. Another significant feature of the tool is that it provides protection to the expensive BOP quick connector, especially its top seal profile, during running operations. The seal region is enveloped by the tool, thereby reducing the chances of damage through mishandling or from dropped objects.

Claxton is now offering the new hydraulic riser handling tool to all of its riser clients as part of a company-wide drive for better efficiency and safety. The value of the tool is perhaps best illustrated by the fact that two leading operators have recently purchased tools for their own inventories.


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