LATEST NEWS: Claxton awarded major centralizer contract for North Sea platform

Claxton, a leading supplier of shallow-water engineering and services and an Acteon company, has been awarded a contract to supply a range of centralizers for new and pre-drilled wells on a North Sea platform.

Claxton is supplying centralizers for new wells and developing a methodology to improve the current centralization system for pre-drilled wells. The scope of work includes supplying a variety of centralizers, including entrapment retrofit, pre-drill deck, cellar deck, can type and a BOP (blowout preventer) deck centralizers. The company has also devised innovative contingency plans and testing methods.

“This project has unique requirements that have challenged our inhouse design and workshop teams to deliver a variety of centralization methodologies,” Ann Vicens, product leader, Claxton, said. “Our global experience enables us to provide the most comprehensive centralizer and conductor packages for all our clients, but we always have an eye on offering the most cost-effective type to suit individual project requirements.”

The work started during the third quarter of 2018, with the retrofit centralizer assemblies being installed on the pre-drilled wells, and will continue until early 2019.

Andy Norman, Head of Brand and Marketing, Claxton
T: +44 (0)1493 744500

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