LATEST NEWS: Claxton supported Neil Watson, Product Leader, in achieving a Master’s degree in Marine Technology

Claxton are proud to sponsor and support their people to attain degrees whilst working. The Company is pleased to announce that Neil Watson, Claxton’s product leader and senior engineer, has recently graduated with a Master of Science degree in Marine Technology.

The MSc Marine Technology course is run by a consortium of four UK universities, recognised for their excellence in marine technology, education and research: Newcastle, Strathclyde, Southampton and University College London. The course is specifically aimed at students who are already in full-time, marine-sectored employment.

Neil originally decided that he wanted to add to his BEng (Hons) in Aeronautical Engineering over five years ago when he was working within Claxton’s design department. Having built himself a successful career in the offshore oil and gas sector, Neil wanted to pursue a qualification specific to the industry in which he was working. Neil approached his line manager outlining his aspirations and how it would support and develop him within his role at Claxton. He received full encouragement from his manager and was delighted when his case was taken to Managing Director Laura Claxton, who agreed that the Company would sponsor Neil to undertake the course. Course fees, travel costs and salary whilst attending university were covered and it was agreed that Neil would study two modules per year, meaning that the qualification would take five years to complete.

During his studies, Neil’s role at Claxton evolved, seeing him move to the projects department and becoming the product leader for Claxton’s suspended well abandonment tool (SWAT™). He explained;

“It was challenging to fit study around a full-time job and family commitments, especially once I made the move to the projects department, where offshore and overseas working became part of my role.”

The course integrated well with the projects that Neil was working on at Claxton. Along with the 10 modules, the course consisted of a project-based assignment, for which Neil used the development of a casing recovery tower for Claxton’s well recovery system, WellRaizer®. The innovation was successfully used on a North Sea decommissioning campaign.

Neil continued; “For me this has been a career defining achievement which has aided my professional development at Claxton. It’s been a long journey but graduating at Southampton University was a proud moment and made all the hard work worthwhile! I am grateful to Claxton for their sponsorship and continuous support throughout my studies.”

Claxton offers a range of competitive benefits which includes a commitment to learning and development. The Company has several employees who have undertaken personal development programmes, including: negotiation skills, teambuilding, project management, supervisory training, interpersonal skills and report writing.

Sarah Tarrant, HR Business Partner, added; “At Claxton we encourage our people to take responsibility for their own learning and we support them by providing a safe environment where they feel safe to step out of their comfort zone and grow as individuals. We work in a dynamic environment so there’s always opportunity to put into practice what has been learnt. We pride ourselves on encouraging promotion from within, which has resulted in a number of employees choosing to stay and progress to higher level positions within Claxton.”

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