LATEST NEWS: Claxton achieves five years without lost-time incident

Claxton, an Acteon company, has reached a target of Five years without a single lost-time incident (LTI). This is when an employee, as a result of an injury, is unable to perform their regular duties for one full shift or more.

The company operates worldwide, both on and offshore and has main bases in the UK and Middle East.

Peter Carrier, Claxton’s QHSSE Director, said, “For a fifth consecutive year Claxton’s global workforce has managed all activity risks to ensure they have maintained their record of no lost time injuries. A feat in its self, but combined with the varied industrial locations, the complex activities and universal interfaces that require to be mastered, a prodigious event. Our playing field, and client’s requirements are, ever changing, and such a record displays that, Claxton is ever adaptable, risk focused and determined to maintain the old oil and gas mantra “there is nothing so important”.

Peter continued, “an effective health and safety management system requires the contribution of every staff member and importantly, the support and recognition of your senior management team. This event has not just realised itself, it has taken time, effort, and masses of deliberation and sometimes a self-acknowledgement that perhaps we could have done it better, but that’s the learning and the companies attitude to QHSE continuous improvement.”

Whilst Claxton pats its self on the back there is recognition that their successful safety record is the journey and not the destination and today is another day and the journey continues.

For more information, please contact:

Andy Norman, Head of Brand and Marketing, Claxton
T: +44 (0)1493 744500

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