Claxton Achieves Zero Accident Frequency Rate in 2016

At a time when the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) reports that over a third of small medium enterprises (SMEs) have experienced accidents in the past year, Claxton is pleased to announce it has exceeded its target and achieved a Zero Accident Frequency Rate for 2016.

The latest report from the HSE states that within the Oil and Gas industry many days are lost due to illness or injury and the resultant cost to businesses is significant. Clearly, apart from the statutory and moral duty not to harm people, there are sound economic reasons why it is important to manage your operations with regard to good health and safety practices.

Announcing Claxton’s success, Peter Carrier, QHSSE Director commented: “We now have a top quartile accident / injury performance of Zero AIFR and Zero Lost time incidents. These are hard-won achievements. A focus strictly on outcomes glosses over the behind-the-scenes work and daily commitment that go into our safety record. This amazing performance is due to the meticulous proactive attention we have given to potential harm, mitigation and control of our workplace risks and every member of the staff should feel that their efforts, have produced results.”

For more information, please contact:

Andy Norman, Head of Brand and Marketing, Claxton
T: +44 (0)1493 744500

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