Brand new interactive drilling riser launched

Riser Animation

Claxton Engineering has launched a new interactive animation, designed to show Claxton’s high-pressure drilling riser in operation. The animation, which is now live on our website, illustrates how a riser is installed, the ancillary equipment used, and how it connects to the well and interfaces with the jack up drilling rig.

The intuitive design provides users with:

  • Technical information on each operation phase
  • Images of each product in-situ of operation
  • Video elements to aid understanding

View the interactive drilling riser animation

For optimum experience, please view the animation on a desktop or tablet device, and use the downward arrow on the tool to progress to the next phase of the operation.

If you have any feedback on the interactive drilling riser animation, or would like to know more about Claxton’s high-pressure drilling risers, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at

We also have put together a related blog and Q&A article: ‘Key considerations before ordering your next subsea drilling riser’.

High pressure drilling riser animation

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