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Claxton uncovered: QHSSE and the challenges of working in the oil industry

Speaking about the role of QHSSE Peter said, “Whereas all members of the organisation are performing their activities with that mindset of a quality job, no harm to people, damage to assets or the environment, it often falls to QHSSE to drive down to the detail and provide the boundaries of control, a catalyst for implementation. These factors dominate and make QHSSE so diverse.”

“Ultimately, our focus generates a quality delivery, attention to risk management and good communication – three things that our clients regularly say we excel at.”


Following his teams work in assuring quality and adherence to industry regulations throughout the business, Peter described how Claxton works with their suppliers and sub-contractors to ensure the same level of high standards are achieved.

“All our suppliers and sub-contractors require to be on our approved supplier listing. This happens through formal assessment and approval and sometimes supported by audits. Some businesses can offer the product but don’t necessarily have the infrastructure to meet the high levels of Quality assurance we expect – therefore we work with our supply chain members and offer our expertise and support, ensuring success in a collaborative manner”.


In 2012, Peter introduced a new integrated management system (IMS) to Claxton.

“It was evident that to meet Claxton’s growth and ensure consistent quality delivery the organisation needed a joined-up system with a tangible relationship to our products and services. Based on industry standards, maintaining compliance and certification to the requirements of OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 (H&S, E and Q respectively) was all important, as was providing staff with a user-friendly system”.

“Ultimately, the registration makes clients aware we are compliant and can provide and deliver within a recognised international standard.”

“It took time and effort to build, communicate and implement, but the IMS has helped to facilitate the growth and efficiency of Claxton over the last four years, and the company routinely achieves excellent results in both client and independent audits.”

“What was great about the implementation of the new management system was that it enabled Claxton to grow from a family business to an industry-leading organisation. It acted as the vehicle to growth and ensured the whole Claxton team are prepared for any project.”

“Alongside Laura Claxton, our Managing Director, we have built a management team to focus on the strategy of the business and it is evident QHSSE plays a priority part, meaning monitoring and measurement have become a team task rather than an individual task. This was obviously the correct direction reflected by the new 9001 and 14001 2015 recent editions which emphasised on leadership.”


We have all seen: “Nothing is so urgent or important, that we cannot take time to do it safely and in an environmentally prudent manner”.

“In a world where the dollar is king, short timelines make you scream and nothing moves unless a ton of certification has been produced. I am inspired, enthused and delighted when staff come knocking to question a specification, request help with a risk assessment, take personal responsibility for revising a procedure or stand up and stop the job for safety. As Claxton becomes a leader in the field of decommissioning for example, it is such attributes and behaviour that sets us apart, but more importantly, contributes to a safe project.”


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