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Claxton uncovered: From F1 to the offshore industry with R&D manager Matt Marcantonio

Lifecycle stage


Gecko Grip Tension Ring

As well as working on the invention and implementation of the Gecko Grip tension ring, which was designed to help extend the life of offshore assets, Matt has worked on improving the performance and efficiency of the award-winning Claxton Subsea Well Abandonment Tool (SWAT™) and the Subsea Abrasive Cutting system (SABRE™) – the third evolution of which is set to be launched in 2016.

Along with his team, Matt has also worked on design-only projects and conceptual ideas with operators around the world.

“A few years ago, R&D wasn’t really embraced by the oil and gas industry; in reality, they had no incentive to change. The industry was booming and everyone was making money. Now with the low oil price teamed with the fact most of the easy oil has been had, operators and engineers are turning their attention towards R&D to enhance efficiencies and save money.

Here at Claxton, we’re always searching for continuous improvement, and in an industry that is fully focussed on decommissioning, it’s no wonder why operators are relying on us to deliver continuous improvement for their projects too.”


“I’m really excited to see the launch of SABRE™ 3 this year just because of the amount of new technology it includes and how much it will benefit operators and engineers in the field.”

After working with the internal team and close suppliers for over 18 months, the SABRE™ 3 will be safer to handle, including data logging and automated control systems – reducing vessel change times from minutes to seconds.

“In order to achieve continuous improvement and make sure any R&D projects we work on are worthwhile, I work alongside my team to deliver a plan and assess costs and benefits before pitching the idea to our parent company Acteon. Once approved, I manage the design, prototype, build, manufacturing and testing processes.

“The SABRE™ 3, just like all our other new and improved products, will be tested in the field where we will have an engineer assessing the performance. Due to the sheer amount of new technology the SABRE™ 3 includes, I’m really looking forward to the launch it this year.”


As well as already highlighting the positive change in attitude towards R&D within the oil and gas industry, Matt expects decommissioning to be a major part of the industry’s future.

Decommissioning has certainly become the buzzword in the industry following the regulation changes a few years ago. A combination of low oil prices for the next two years, I believe, will kick-start a technological boom as operators seek to boost asset efficiency and find cost savings.”

“I think we will also see some changes to decommissioning regulations around the world. In some cases, the regulations are open-ended and up for interpretation to the operator. This non-standardized approach means both operators and the supply chain are facing different challenges in every project they work on.”

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