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Three equipment essentials every subsea drilling riser system needs

Lifecycle stage

Claxton 300te Tension Ring Maersk Slot Recovery

As standard, Claxton’s riser tension systems feature:

  • Flexible solutions… providing you with a solution either to push or pull the load
  • Supplied with… shackles, heavy duty slings and any other ancillary equipment
  • Bespoke service… to deliver a unique, fast and cost-effective product

The purpose of a conductor tension system is to maintain tension in the conductor to prevent buckling from the self-weight and offer protection from environmental conditions. Claxton’s conductor tensioning system can support the riser or conductor up to 400Te at a typical OD of 30” in either a pull or push application as pictured above. The CTU also has built-in centralizers which can accommodate environmental loads of typically 25Te horizontally.


Drilling or working-over platform wells with a jack-up rig often mean that traditional riser or conductor tension systems are not viable. Without these systems in place, the surface BOP will be potentially unstable. The Claxton BOP support system provides a means of supporting this critical well control equipment, typically using our pull type systems. This consists of a HPU, four large hydraulic cylinders with a large stroke and one of our tension rings. The system will not only provide stability to the BOP but also reduce/minimise the compressive loads on the surface wellhead.

Bespoke designs are a common request that Claxton is able to deliver. This can be in the form of a new design or modifications to the existing rental stock we hold.


tension rings from claxton

Claxton is the de facto market leader in the supply of high quality, rugged conductor and riser tension rings. We invented the positive grip tension ring – a design that has been much-copied around the industry. However, the original design can only be supplied by us. Both the positive grip and slimline tension rings offer features such as:

  • Flexible supply… giving you fast access to standardised and bespoke rings
  • Proven quality… as Claxton rings have been installed around the world
  • Rapid mobilisation… of tension equipment ready to call-off when necessary
  • Multiple Load capabilities… up to 400Te Slimline Design
  • Single Man installation…using a reactionless bolt torque design, reducing costs
  • Fatigue-reducing Slips…Non-marking slips used where fatigue may be of concern

To find out more about Claxton’s subsea drilling risers and essential equipment required to complete the project, download your free copy of our Drilling Riser and Tensioning Systems Case Study Pack – for stories on how we’ve made it happen for other clients.


Risers & tensioning case study pack
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Drilling Riser and Tensioning Case Study Pack

Download the Claxton drilling riser and tensioning case study pack to discover how we have saved clients time and money through innovation.