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McDermott wins largest single award in Middle East history by Saudi ARAMCO

Lifecycle stage

“The technological advancements there have been in all facets of reservoir production, drainage, well drilling and reservoir drive since the reservoirs were originally planned has resulted in a greatly extended life. Now this advancement has to be reflected in the physical assets, extending their life and enabling the NOC to produce the reservoir to its full potential, without having to add in the enormous cost of new assets.”


Brownfield is all about enhancing and extending the life of the assets to extract more from the reservoir, whilst bringing down operating costs at the same time. Claxton has significant experience in extending the life around the well bay area from the seabed to tree, and performing slot recovery and installing conductor deflection tools for clients showcasing their offshore expertise and client understanding to keep costs low in a currently unstable market.

Claxton’s clients also have access to a very bespoke design and engineering capability which has already become an attractive proposition to NOCs, particularly those currently in the Arabian Gulf. To see how Claxton can help you on your next brownfield or life extension project, download a copy of our free eBook, Asset Life Extension Buyer’s Guide today.

Photo Credit: McDermott


Asset life extension case study pack
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Asset Life Extension Case Study Pack

Download the Claxton structural asset life extension case study pack for details on slot recovery techniques, centralizers, replacement platform guides and other bespoke solutions.