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5 benefits of working with an independent manufacturer of wellhead equipment

Lifecycle stage


Whilst some manufacturers can offer installation services, or your team may be able to carry out this application themselves, an independent manufacturer would still be able to add more experience to the mix – as they have more experience with equipment that is bespoke and are used to working with more complex challenges, such as the time when Claxton wellheads managed to beat a challenging delivery schedule.

At Claxton, their wellhead installation team have successfully completed applications across various environmental conditions and a mixture of manufacturer equipment too. Discover what else the team can do on their wellhead installation web page.


As discussed at the top of the blog, it can be difficult to pull away from the engineers and firms you’ve worked with for years, but with increasing pressure on the industry to show cost-cutting measures and transparency as to why a supplier was chosen, now is the time to look towards an independent manufacturer.

Flexible by nature, due to their adaptability of bespoke designs for your application, independent manufacturers could offer you a faster turnaround time cutting lead times by weeks in comparison to your existing suppliers, and still provide an agile and robust design/solution that is bespoke to you.


Of course, for every wellhead system installed, maintenance should be a key part of your assessment of a new supplier – ensuring efficiency and safety standards meet your exact requirements.

Claxton provides maintenance support which includes a fast response at critical points, as well as the retrofit parts you require to keep your wellhead systems operational.


Whether it’s in your personal or professional life, additional services from any supplier are more than welcome – especially when it is unexpected. In the case of Claxton, offering operators access to many other products and services.

For a further insight into what Claxton have to offer, why not download our eBook detailing case studies for drilling riser and tensioning systems.

Risers & tensioning case study pack
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Drilling Riser and Tensioning Case Study Pack

Download the Claxton drilling riser and tensioning case study pack to discover how we have saved clients time and money through innovation.