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Completing an offshore subsea tree installation with a multicam camera system

To tackle the tight space and visibility of less than one metre, Claxton implemented the MULTICAMTMcamera system to aid the installation of the trees. Each tree was fitted with three camera-light assemblies via a mounting bracket system.

The camera system functioned reliably throughout the project and proved instrumental in the on-schedule completion of the project – something that wouldn’t have been achieved with simply the ROV.


As well as being used as an alternative to traditional ROVs in harsh environments, the MULTICAMTM can become a cost-effective subsea camera system for fixing onto any of your subsea structures to provide vital visual aid during critical subsea installation operations.

This includes monitoring stab guides, subsea tree installations and other applications that require accuracy and verification of successful lockdown. The MULTICAMTM also features:

  • Experience – Rugged and proven in the field by clients and our service team
  • Versatility – Operates in water depths of up to 1,000m and offers maximum visibility in poor conditions
  • Record-keeping – Ability to record to digital tape and transfer to PC as a JPEG or MPEG data
  • Adaptability – Bespoke camera mounting brackets for your application alongside an array of multiple cameras and light systems available
  • Ease of use – Helicopter transportable, lightweight system that removes the need for expensive ROV work

To find out more about the MULTICAMTM system and the Callanish and Brodgar project, download our Subsea Camera Case Study Pack today.

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