Claxton successfully provides rapid mobilisation of SABRE™ in record timing

The Claxton SABRE™ abrasive cutting system is proven to simultaneously sever all the casings in a well, regardless of casing loading, eccentricity, or annuli contents.

Proven technology, SABRE™ has been an invaluable tool and has seen successful use on some of the most significant abandonment campaigns.

SABRE tool and deck

The full SABRE™ system usually takes at least two weeks to mobilise so, as with SABRE’s abrasive jet exiting the tool at transonic speeds the Claxton team did the same in a recent project.

Having received the call in August 2015 to mobilise the complex equipment that goes with the system, the engineering services logistics team at Claxton shipped and executed from our Great Yarmouth headquarters in seven days – which is record timing for a SABRE™ project.

Our offshore crews have since successfully used the SABRE™ system on two wells so we are delighted with the support we have provided to make this happen.

Claxton has grown significantly over the years in order to respond to our clients operating needs and thrive in giving the best, most responsive, service we can. In fact this project, is a hallmark of the value Claxton offers to customers worldwide.

To see how Claxton’s engineers ‘make it happen’ for our clients and other successful projects around the world, across the entire life of field please visit our case studies.


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