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Drilling riser management: how to deal with vortex induced vibrations

Lifecycle stage

1. Before installation

Preparations start with the preliminary configuration of your riser. The pipe wall thickness of the riser and stack-up arrangement relies heavily on data gathered from previous campaigns. This includes:

  • Top tension stats
  • Staggered buoyant and slick joints systems
  • Installation of a new real-time riser monitoring system

These statistics will give greater insight into the drilling riser manufacturer to create a bespoke product that can give operators the ultimate efficiency and life expectancy they expect.

2.  As part of an installation

Claxton can provide added suppression systems to effectively negate the problem of VIVs. As one of the leading providers of drilling risers in Europe, Claxton has an unrivalled understanding of the performance and running of risers.

Suppression strake and fairings applications can reduce the fatigue characteristics of the system. For more information on the suppression systems, take a look at the product in detail here.

3. Post-analysis

Your riser analysis should be the first port of call to analyse riser fatigue stats. Whilst top tension analysis needs to continue from the beginning of the process to avoid VIVs, you should review your assets with fatigue monitoring charts and inspection requirements.

Even with a bespoke riser and suppression systems included, the analysis is still paramount to see if any improvements can be made to protect the current riser and give further detail for any new riser projects in the region.

Post-analysis cannot be stressed enough. Predictions in VIVs lead to the most fatigue damage in deepwater drilling especially. The more data to rely on, the better.


VIV is just one factor that affects drilling riser management integrity.

Higher top tensions, riser handling issues and the increased importance of auxiliary lines designs mean operators can be bombarded with options when dealing with fatigue.

To ensure you’re investing in the right riser system for your rig, download our free Drilling Riser and Tensioning Systems Case Study Pack here, and see how Claxton can help you.

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