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A guide to innovations in high pressure drilling riser technology


Together with Acteon Group sister companies 2H Offshore and Subsea Riser Products, Claxton provided an ultra-high-pressure riser for use during high pressure, high-temperature drilling campaign.

The unique design became the world’s first full-bore access riser capable of working at pressures in excess of 12,000 psi.


Claxton designed the first-ever positive grip tension ring which has since been emulated by many. Since then, Claxton has continued to improve the design and we now have multiple types of tension ring for various applications – all are completely reusable and transferable from well to well.

Slimline tension ring

The slimline version of the slip activated tension ring eliminates space-out issues and can be positioned at any point, and used from well to well.

The innovative design provides an even simpler installation due to its use of just four anchor bolts. The slip segments are free-floating within the tension ring body housing. Slip inserts enable the tension ring to have its inside diameter reduced to suit varying riser sizes.

Gecko Grip tension ring

The next generation of tensioning technology – the Gecko Grip tension ring uses an abrasive grit instead of ‘teeth’. The ring is designed for use in production applications or longer application times and in areas where there are specific concerns regarding fatigue life and stress concentrations.


With 30 years’ experience in the offshore oil and gas industry, a world-class project and design team, and a huge rapid call-off inventory, Claxton are ready to support you on your projects when you need us most.

Above are just four examples of innovations we’ve made to our products to improve the efficiency and reliability that our customers considerably benefit from. To find out how our innovative solutions have already helped our existing customers, download our free Drilling Riser and Tensioning Systems Case Study Pack here.

Risers & tensioning case study pack
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Drilling Riser and Tensioning Case Study Pack

Download the Claxton drilling riser and tensioning case study pack to discover how we have saved clients time and money through innovation.