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Top 5 tips to protecting your platform in harsh conditions

Lifecycle stage


Operating at the critical interface between the well conductor and the platform structure, centralizers provide vital front line conductor integrity, where the forces in harsh environments can be severe.

With a rigorous, fit-for-purpose design that can save operation time and costs, centralizers maintain the integrity of your platform, no matter how old it may be. For more information on how Claxton can help you with your centralizer requirements, download our free buyers guide by clicking here.


Used to control the corrosion of a metal surface, CP is a universally used technique to stop platforms suffering corrosion failure – which can be devastating. With correct inspections and measurements of pipelines, risers and wellheads, corrosion can be eradicated as an issue from the start.


In the latest Health and Safety Extension Programme report, the HSE inspected 33 onshore and offshore platforms, including all major operators, and found a surprisingly high level of inspection. Whilst increased inspection and maintenance on ageing installations was found, work was required on the performance of risk assessments on ageing rotating machines.

Inspections may be a daily routine, but it is just as vital as any of the other four points to ensure the ultimate asset integrity.


Whilst welding is commonly used and may restore the structure to its initial condition (on the outside) if the damage was caused by fatigue, the loading is likely to reappear. Grouted repairs are therefore a good solution to provide additional strength and typical applications include filling members to prevent propagation, and leg strengthening by filling the main pile annuli.


Whilst you should already have a plan in place as part of your maintenance and asset life extensions projects, Claxton can help you with any centralizer and other structural related requirements you may have.

After surpassing 5,000 conductor guide centralizers installed in the North Sea and compiling decades of asset life extension experience, not only are Claxton knowledgeable in the field, but also trusted by operators. For more information, download the free platform asset life extension ebook by clicking here.

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