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The rise of the ultra-heavy duty jack up rig in the North Sea


Another Maersk jack up rig based in the North Sea, the Interceptor is currently being used by Det Norske Oljeselskap in a five year, $700 million contract. The rig has a leg length of 206.8 metres and a capability of 150m.


The new kid on the block after being constructed in 2013, the Intrepid rig includes a remotely operated pipe handling system to give the rig a cantilever reach from stern to well centre of 33.5m as well as operating in waters of 150m deep.


And on top of these four, investment already being made in the past 15 years into the ultra-heavy duty jack-up rig, it’s the new investment that has been made recently that earmarks a continual rise in the popularity of these towering stations.

This is typified by the two new rigs XLE-3 and XLE-4 that will be operated by Statoil and BP respectively once construction is completed in 2 years’ time.


Claxton is the leader for complete riser systems in the North Sea. As well as working on traditional and ultra-heavy jack-up rigs, Claxton has worked on bespoke projects including deep water, for a jack-up, drilling using an existing rig set-up in harsh conditions.

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Photo Credit: Maersk Drilling

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