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Project profile: Statoil Gulfaks drilling riser system delivery

Lifecycle stage


The project had a number of interface and engineering challenges the eventual riser would have to overcome, including:

  • Increased environmental loading and water depth
  • Using a new jack-up rig from Seadrill – the West Elara
  • Concerns about potential over-fatigue of the FMC wellhead
  • An extend analysis program compressed lead times for the technical development and delivery of the system

Claxton supplied a complete, state-of-the-art riser package

Operational enhancements:  Claxton supplied pre-studded joints to reduce make-up time (left) and our proprietary hydraulic riser handling tooling to improve efficiency and safety.


Claxton worked closely with Statoil and augmented our own capability with technologies from our sister companies – notably optimised flanges (for reduced make-up times) and real-time riser monitoring to enable two operational benefits…

  1. An early warning in case of unexpected high loadings
  2. The ability to compare ‘real-world’ riser performance with the riser analysis – delivering operational insight for future projects.

The analysis also revealed a potential for vortex induced vibration on the riser. Claxton supplied fairings that swivelled with current direction to offset this.

We supplied a full equipment spread and personnel to run the riser – and Statoil’s campaign concluded successfully, on schedule and without incident.

Claxton supplied a complete, state-of-the-art riser package

Unique technology: The Gulfaks riser was fitted with sensors to monitor stress and provide an early indication of issues. Additionally one of our bespoke HPU’s powered a Claxton-designed tension system.


Claxton’s riser engineers have been supplying risers since the early 1990s and we’ve been responsible for over 190 riser projects since 2005 alone.

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