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Worried about conductor integrity? Retrofit centralizers offer a solution


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Claxton worked alongside Subsea 7 to deliver centralizers to subsea conductor guides below two platforms for an operator in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.

Despite running into general practical challenges of the project, Claxton managed to supply 10 centralizers for all 26 in conductors in record time.

After ordering another centralizer to be supplied within two weeks, Subsea 7 then took delivery of the product 11 days after the formal request – a rapid response from the Claxton team.

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Dealing with this kind of centralizer project is a specialist activity compared to other offshore applications as every client requires a bespoke product. Typically, Claxton works efficiently to:

Complete a survey…

Of the in situ centralizers, note any access or clearance issues as well as reviewing existing platforms records, riser analysis and any other design information of relevance.

Design and build the centralizer…

Using an extensive in-house design and R&D engineering resource, Claxton works with the information collected, and patented centralizer designs, to create the perfect product ensuring performance and safety.

Install the product…

As retrofit centralizers are specially designed, Claxton offers engineers on all installation projects to make sure the product is successfully placed in-situ. This allows for greater accuracy and a speedier installation due to the experience the Claxton team possess.


Whether you’re looking to replace an existing centralizer or ensure your conductors are secure in harsh conditions, Claxton can help to find the right solution for you in the quickest time possible.

Whilst safety, accuracy and performance are our key drivers in any offshore products we install, we can help you find the fastest solution to install centralizers as part of your asset life extension projects.

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Centralizers Buyers Guide

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