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Project profile: Fast-track 16" OD subsea drilling riser system


We delivered the riser and equipment package on time despite having to manufacture 7x12m 14.3” ID riser joints with NORSOK flanges and a customised Torus-2 wellhead connector that would run through the rig’s rotary table. Claxton was able to deliver the riser at such short notice due to our fast-track (in-house) design engineering capability and an extensive supply chain that can call on multiple sources for manufacturing – just one example of how being independent of major riser suppliers and fabrication houses enables us to enhance our client service.

The tight supply-window meant we had to take a number of innovative approaches to ensure could meet the delivery date – just one example of this is the C-plate adaptor we developed to take the place of a more traditional riser-spider (which couldn’t be built or sourced within the condensed delivery schedule)

The C-plate interfaced with the rig’s Rotary Bushing and used a tiered-plate design to accommodate NORSOK and API flange profiles – allowing the riser to be held in place during running.

The modified C-Plate we supplied enabled running of NORSOK and API flanges through the same riser spider.

The four c-plate configurations shown above are as follows:

  1. Standard NORSOK C-Plate
  2. API Adaptor
  3. Standard NORSOK flange engaged with C-Plate
  4. API flange engaged with C-Plate

We also delivered a new bolt-torqueing spread to enable efficient running and make-up of the system.

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Claxton’s riser engineers have been supplying risers since the early 1990’s and we’ve been responsible for over 190 riser projects since 2005 alone.

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