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Get the right advice for your next well conductor centralizer order

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Finding a centralizer supplier that can resolve your bespoke query can be hard. And with a lack of knowledge in your engineering team to install the products by your own accord, finding a reliable supplier is even more important.

Using our extensive in-house design, R&D engineering resource, and patented centralizer designs, Claxton can meet your bespoke requirements to ensure ultimate conductor centralizer integrity. As well as supplying centralizers for robust new build designs, through to retrofit models, Claxton can provide centralizer expertise to help before, during, and after the installation process.


Despite the ability and detail, that riser analysis provides, sometimes centralizers are required within a tight deadline due to a change in environmental conditions or failure of existing centralizers.

Claxton has successfully worked on projects globally where a tight deadline looms. Demonstrating the need to secure assets as quickly as possible, as well as reducing operational time, Claxton have delivered centralizer solutions within less than a two week time frame.

To read more about this project in the Norwegian North Sea, click here.


As with many applications offshore, projects require more than one stakeholder, especially when the platform is experiencing unexpected downtime. As well as experience in these situations, communication and expertise are essential for a smooth process.

Claxton, part of the Acteon group of subsea businesses, can call on the skills of sister companies, notably 2H Offshore – one of the world’s leading riser and conductor analysis houses. With this joined-up capability, we can handle your centralizer project end-to-end, meaning the team will be more streamlined and the headache of dealing with centralizers can be taken away.

For more information on how Claxton can help make your centralizer project happen, download our free buyers guide by clicking here.

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Centralizers Buyers Guide

Download Claxton’s centralizer buyers guide for in-depth details on finding a bespoke solution for even the most challenging centralization projects.