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3 common challenges asset life extension centralizer projects face

Lifecycle stage

With a range standard retrofit centralizers and bespoke designs, Claxton can help you find the most suitable product for your application – including designs for low profile applications. After installing their 5,000th centralizer in the North Sea, Claxton has now become the number one supplier in the UK and Norwegian waters.

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Whilst riser analysis provides the information you require to make future decisions, condition changes in both the environment and assets means your conductor may need support quicker than you originally planned.

Whilst a quick turnaround on a centralizer may be the ideal scenario, it’s important not to rush the process and try and fit any product with your own maintenance team.

Claxton’s experience in centralizers means they have worked within tight time constraints and helped to install the products offshore for their clients.

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Naturally, centralization requirements vary in line with applications and loadings.

Designs will need to adjust not only to the geometry of the guides and conductor sizes but also the specific loads, maximum clearance allowed based on the riser analysis and in some cases, available space between an older unit previously fitted.

With a solid project plan, Claxton can help you deliver a successful centralizer project resolving your integrity issues.

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Centralizers Buyers Guide

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