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6 types of platform centralizers and how they could help you



  • Description: Structural adjustable centralizers are typically fitted at the splash zone level where lateral loads are higher and tighter tolerances are required
  • Application loading: Typically 40-60 tonnes
  • Fact: There are two main types of adjustable centralizers; remotely adjustable and Shim type adjustable centralizers
  • Primary purpose: Provide centralization and reduce the clearance to 2-3 mm radial clearance between the guides and conductor hence preventing damage and fatigue issues


  • Description: Retrofit centralizers are fitted between the conductor and the guide after the conductor is already in place
  • Application loading: Typically 20-50 tonnes
  • Fact: Segment type retrofit centralizers with adjustable blades are available from Claxton when a centralizer needs to be fitted between a guide and previously installed centralizer
  • Primary purpose: Retrofit centralizers can rule out doubts about accurate conductor space-out during installation and provide centralization for the guide. These units are also supplied when driving the conductor and as a measure for extending the life of offshore assets (conductor and guides)


  • Description: Structural centralizers than run on the internal strings where the standard cementing centralizer is not adequate as indicated by analysis
  • Application loading: 5-10 tonnes (radial) 10-20 tonnes (lateral)
  • Fact: The design considers the effect of variation in the inner string pressure
  • Primary purpose: Supply structural support to the completion when there are concerns over the structural integrity of the inner strings and when the analysis shows risks of buckling


When none of the above more standard designs matches the requirements, we can design project specific new designs that address the operating challenges making use of Claxton’s proven experience in structural engineering. For more information on how Claxton can help you, get in touch with us directly to discuss your project.


Claxton’s centralizers provide the strength and support needed to secure your conductors – assuring maximum integrity.

Whilst this blog gives a detailed snapshot of the centralizers available from Claxton, download our free Centralizers Buyers Guide for more information, including technical specifications, case studies and images of the products in situ.

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Centralizers Buyers Guide

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