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4 key areas pf asset life extension every operator should follow


As well as clearly defined roles and responsibilities, as we touched on above, finding competent resources to complete ALE projects is essential. The roles of Technical Authorities or equivalent in ALE managements is a significant gap that operators should fill.

Other areas of focus need to be:

  • Personnel to take responsibility for managing and inspecting training and overall competency
  • Lowering staff turnover to retain expertise and key ALE skills required
  • Preparing a contracting strategy to retain high-quality levels with 3rd parties


Development and implementation of practical arrangements for the management of ageing asset is seen as a key area by Oil & Gas UK. Their report was extensive on the subject listing 10 key areas they believed would enhance safety and production through ALE projects.

Some of the key areas included:

  • Design and procurement – Thorough analysis along with documentation that sets out the design criteria is essential to meet safety, operation and performance requirements.
  • Management of change – Primary objective of this stage is to ensure that sufficient scrutiny is applied to asset ageing projects and their planning and documentation.
  • Anticipated service life – Plant, structures and systems will have service lives under which they can still operate. These are required alongside the harsh conditions they will face


Operators should already have monitoring, audit and review arrangements in place as part of their HSE or management systems. Steps should also be taken to ensure these processes make provisions for ALE management.

The Oil & Gas UK report also highlighted:

  • The role of active line monitoring and the appropriate awareness all relevant staff should have of ALE projects.
  • The requirement for audits as part of the internal assurance processes as carried out by the management team.
  • The management review process should inform management decision by raising senior leadership awareness


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