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The one thing to consider when choosing a well abandonment contractor

Lifecycle stage

Offering a proven track record and a unique spread of tooling and expertise that is capable all around the world, Claxton’s services include full conductor and casing recovery packages as well as:

  • Recovery interfaces to facilitate rigless abandonment
  • Subsea internal abrasive cutting
  • Diamond Wire cutting
  • Casing and tubing bandsaws
  • Surface wellhead deconstruction
  • Cut verification
  • Marine growth removal
  • Abandonment planning and engineering

Here are just three previous projects Claxton has worked on:

Camelot fields

The complete decommissioning of the North Sea Camelot fields and the removal of Camelot Alpha platform began in at the start of 2012 with the plugging and abandonment of the fields’ six platform wells.

Claxton began the severance of the well casings some 5m below the seabed. This was followed with the Camelot wells, which contained casings ranging in diameter from 9in. to 30in.

Support beams were used to spread the load of the high-pressure pumps, air compressor, supply tank, mixing system and umbilical required to run the SABRE™ system. Read more about the project here.

Leman fields

Claxton worked on Well A1 that had suffered corrosion fatigue failure of the 20-in. conductor approximately 6m below sea level. Partial fracturing and wear to the 133⁄8-in. caisson was also observed.

The rigless project in Leman field was a success. The bespoke equipment package performed as expected in the field, and a total of 316 work-hours was recorded offshore without incident.

The only lost time was due to inclement weather. The job was also completed on time and on budget: Perenco calculated that the costs for the overall operation were less than 50% of those for an equivalent rig-based solution.

Find out more about the Leman field project in our case study pack here.

Tyra East fields

Maersk contacted Claxton in April 2013 about a slot recovery job as well as the removal of downhole equipment and bottom hole assembly (BHA).

The integrated team led by Claxton delivered the full work scope in only three months, including designing, manufacturing and testing the bespoke equipment.

Safety and deadlines were the main concerns for this operation and the rigless approach saved substantial rig time and reduced the associated costs while increasing the flexibility of the project timings – Claxton eventually completed the job 4 days ahead of schedule, despite time lost due to weather.

Download our free case study pack to read more.


Reliability, expertise and experience are three areas our clients expect from us when we are helping to deliver any project. Get in touch with us to speak to an engineer about your next abandonment campaign, or download the case study pack below to see how we’ve delivered complex abandonment operations all around the world.

Decom case study pack
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Decommissioning Case Study Pack

The Claxton offshore decommissioning case study pack showcases our vast experience of delivering successful decommissioning projects.