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Thank you for making Claxton centralizers number one in the North Sea

Having such a varied set of skills and experiences for structures means we have a lot of insight to offer and we have lots of experience to draw on for everything from design issues to installation procedures.

Our centralizers are one example of this experience – we’ve got a broad range of designs covering structural internal centralizers, all conductor guide levels and have several examples of bespoke designs such as our engineered remotely actuated version that can reduce the requirement for rope access operations.

Once again, I would like to offer my thanks to the many clients who’s trust in Claxton has enabled us to grow our centralizer supply capability.

Ann Vicens, Structures Product Leader



If you’d like to learn more about structural centralizers, download Claxton’s centralizer buyers guide via the link below.

Centralizers buyers guide
E-book download

Centralizers Buyers Guide

Download Claxton’s centralizer buyers guide for in-depth details on finding a bespoke solution for even the most challenging centralization projects.